HSG 0.1.1 – At a Glance

Very very gross model of closed and opened HSG body, version 0.1.1. Two circular wooden segments as the very fundamental parts of HSG. Model has been created in Google SketchUp 8.0.


Opened Fundament

Opened Fundament


HSG body fundamentals

Closed Fundament

Main Parts of HSG

The fundamental parts are:

  • wooden or plastic body (rectangle in version 0.1.1, circle in version 0.1.2)
  • polon (a stick generating the shadow, removable in later versions)
  • compass (necessary to find out a South direction exactly)
  • metalic or wooden joint (to let the HSG closed in “sleep-mode”, later versions contain a shelter for dismounted polon)
  • metalic chain (to attach the HSG to clothing or to another stuff)
  • a bubble (to keep the HSG vertically to meridian, or the plumb line in earlier versions)